Juan Zambrano

Client experience & intentionalism are the driving forces of brands.

Prioritize personalized experiences to accomplish scalable success.


2023 DotCOM Awards

2023 Innovator Award

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2022 Top Leadership


2021 Top Leader

About Me

Digital Marketing l Growth l Customer Experience l Client Retention l Sales Enablement

I’m JC,  a dynamic marketer recognized for my exceptional growth hacking skills and a deep-seated passion for marketing.

My professional expertise spans across various areas including lead generation, user experience, and conversion rate optimization. Throughout my career, I have gained extensive experience by working with corporations of all sizes, successfully guiding multiple brands towards achieving their advertising objectives.

My understanding of market trends and consumer behaviors has been instrumental in the creation of innovative marketing strategies that drive growth and enhance brand visibility.

“My scalability approach is customer-centric and focuses on delivering a unique client experience across all corporate channels”

Client Experience

Crafting and Elevating Exceptional Client Experiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Proven ability to optimize websites to improve search engine rankings.

Analytics & Insights

Analytics-driven decision making and actionable insights.

Search Engine Marketing

Skilled in executing successful search engine marketing campaigns.

Marketing Strategy

Crafting effective marketing strategies tailored to niche audiences.

Display & Video Campaigns

Brand awareness and performance driven display and video campaigns.

Social Media Marketing

Expertise in social media platforms and building communities.

Email Marketing

Effective email campaigns to nurture leads and drive conversions.

Brand Positioning

Boosted brand identity, customer loyalty, sales, and public recognition.

professional experience

From startups to multinational entities.

I’ve had the rewarding experience of collaborating with a diverse range of brands, both directly and indirectly.



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A dynamic marketer recognized for my exceptional growth hacking skills and a deep-seated passion for marketing.